Saturday, March 12, 2011

"Vintage" find in my own out-building!

Hi, everyone! I've been busy with family stuff for a couple days now, so it's gotten me behind in my blogging.  Yesterday was my Mom's birthday, so as a treat, I cooked dinner for her. I also tried out a new cake from my 1950 2nd Annual $100,000 Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest cookbook called $25,000 Orange Kiss-Me Cake.  It was the prize-winning recipe, and needless to say, it was very good.  It's very moist, light and refreshing...just perfect for Spring or Summer! (Can you tell I'm ready for Winter to be over!?)
$25,000 Orange Kiss-Me Cake
One of things I did Tuesday was work on planting seedlings for my garden.  I probably should have already done this, but the idea hadn't even occurred to me until this past weekend.  We always put out tomato and pepper plants, plus some watermelon and other random things, but in the past, we've always bought the plants--never the seeds.  If my seedling experiment works, it will be much cheaper than buying the already-sturdy plants to put in the ground.  I bought a little 72-pellet greenhouse and a variety of seeds, so I'm eager to see how my little experiment goes.  I am especially excited about the cilantro, thyme and parsley as I have wanted to grow my own herbs for quite a while now.  I use parsley in all kinds of dishes, and I like to use thyme with chicken (especially when baking or roasting) and I plan on making some homemade salsa this year to can, which means I will need lots of cilantro. I'm thrilled and astonished that the thyme is already sprouting! (By the way...thyme seeds are the tiniest littlest things I've ever seen!  You always hear people talk about mustard seeds being small...apparently, they have never seen thyme!)   

My seed pellets (My dad thought they
were Oreo balls at first glance!!!)

My assortment of seeds
(Haven't planted the flowers yet...) 

Today my husband was cleaning out one of our out buildings and discovered a nostalgic treasure for those of us who admire vintage things and enjoy a "blast from the past" now-and-then: two old Mrs. Butterworth's syrup bottles.  They are made of thick, heavy amber-colored glass and have yellow, metal lids.  I've never seen anything like them...I guess it just never occurred to me that syrup used to come in glass!  I haven't done much research on them as of yet, so I'm not certain about their age.  They are pretty cool, though, regardless! 

Old Mrs. Butterworth's syrup bottles--hmm...wonder how old they are??

It's my understanding that some people collect old glass bottles of various sorts, so I'm not sure yet if I will keep these or sell them on eBay.  I guess that might depend on what they might be worth...hmm...guess that'll have to wait for the research to come in!


  1. Hey Liana! First, that cake looks divine! Second, I so wish it was warm enough in my neck of the woods to get some seeds planted! Probably a few more weeks, yet. The bottles sure bring back memories. I remember Mrs. B. on our table every weekend! Great find..even if they aren't worth much!
    Have a great week!

  2. Hi Liana...

    I saw where you were looking for a housekeeping schedule. I can not recommend America's Housekeeping Book enough. It was first published in 1941. I'm actually posting bits and pieces from the book on my blog, if you want to check it out and see if it's for you!

  3. Hi Liana, first of all, I love your unique name! It's beautiful. And if I can have skin that looks like yours then I will be following your "at home" facial treatments for sure. Ok, enough with the flattery! :) Seeing this Mrs. Butterworth's syrup bottle took me right back to my childhood farmhouse table. I remember her quite well, trying to get my hands on her before my 7 other siblings did! I've GOT to find her again! I've enjoyed peeking inside your vintage world. Isn't it so wonderful using something old, something once loved for our everyday life? I often think of some of the old aprons I have; the meals that have been cooked in them, the women that have worn them and loved them....and now they don my waist. Homemaking isn't easy, but it can be a joy! Thanks for visiting Three Men and Their Ladies!!



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