Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tomorrow is Laundry Day!

Hello, everyone! I hope you all have had a wonderful and restful weekend. Tomorrow is Monday and for me, that means---da-da-da-DA!-- laundry day.  I have to confess that laundry day is my favorite cleaning day.  Washing laundry is hands-down my favorite housekeeping task.  There is something so refreshing about washing: the clean smell of the soap, the sudsy water, the way the clothes smell like a fresh breeze whisping through the hollow...and it doesn't hurt that all the real work is done by the machine!  Having said this, I would also like to note that washing laundry, and folding and putting it away are two totally different things.  I hate putting laundry away.  Perhaps part of my dislike stems from our incredible lack of closet space in the house.  (We have a very old house, about 90 yrs. old, and though the house is built like a "brick house" ---Hahaha!!!! Sorry, couldn't resist!---there are only two closets in the entire construction, and one of them is small and under the stairwell.  This means that my allocation for hanging clothing is extremely limited.)  I'm sure that when the house was built, people simply didn't have all the excessive clothing, shoes and accessories that we are accustomed to today so "closet space" wasn't even an issue to be contemplated.  If I had more space to easily accommodate our clothing, I doubt that I would mind the task half as much.

Love those colors!

I love the accomplished feeling that doing the laundry gives me.  There is something rewarding about taking something dirty (and possibly stinky!), and making it clean and fresh again.  I love the way the laundry soap perfumes the house, and I hardly like any simple pleasure more than slipping between two fresh sheets at night and resting my head on a clean pillowcase.  There is also nothing so hospitable as clean towels and linens that smell fresh and inviting to a guest. (On the flip side, there is hardly anything as yucky as stale-smelling sheets and towels.) Perhaps part of why I like doing laundry is because it makes enjoying these little simple pleasures possible.

However, thank God for electric washers and dryers!  I would speculate that if I had to revert to doing laundry the "old-fashioned" way (i.e. boiling water, and using a washboard and clothesline no matter the weather) it would rapidly fall in popularity on my "favorite to-do" list.  I am too young (or financially fortunate) to know of anyone washing clothes this way, however, I do vaguely remember a ringer washing machine in my grandparents basement when I was very little.  I'm sure that my grandmother had up-to-date electric machines that she normally used, but as she occasionally enjoyed doing things the "old-timey" way, it probably brought her pleasure to reminisce times gone-by while wringing out her washing and hanging it on the line.

Also, on a side note, I thought I would share my newly-decorated cleaning basket with you all, since I told you I may "pretty-fy" it as a weekend project.  I also bought spray paint for my wastebasket, but it was too cold to paint.

It's amazing what a little ribbon can do!

 I got the green and pink ribbon on clearance  for $1 each , and the rosebuds (I think there were 10 in the pack) for a little over a dollar; add some Aleen's Craft Glue and voila!--a cutey-patutie basket! My mom thought it was adorable; my 15 year-old sister scoffed and rolled her eyes at me. My husband says it looks like me...I say, if it makes me want to clean more, I'll do it. 

What about you all; do you have a "favorite" housekeeping task that you find particularly rewarding or enjoyable?



  1. I wanna pink washer and dryer. Life sure was more colorful for a housewife back then. Happy Laundry day to you!

  2. Oh a pink washer and dryer would be lovely!
    Ithink at the time your home was built a lot of people probably still used a wardrobe for most of their clothing.
    Our house has less than storage than a modern house would. It was built in the late 50's but we do have a small closet in each of the 2 bedrooms, 1 very small bathroom closet, and a small hall linen closet.

    It is enough for a small home like our I think. Although our kitchen is definitely lacking.. No pantry, closet, and only a minimum amount of cabinets.
    But its home. :)

  3. Love your basket! So cute! You can come do my laundry anytime! lol!

    I think my favorite is dusting. It was my chore as a child and I always enjoyed making the wood bright and shiny and clean!

  4. What a coincidence! Monday is my laundry also. :) Well, Monday is my "everything" day really, as it's my only day off and home alone. I have to say I agree with Viv, dusting is probably my favorite also. I love the fact that you see the the gleaming shine of freshly polished furniture as you do it. It is so satisfying! LOL Laundry isn't bad since as you say the hardest part is done by a machine. I just hate folding it and putting it away. I especially hate folding sheets. THEY ARE THE WORST!!! But there is nothing better than a freshly laundered set of sheets to sleep on. :)

    Happy Laundry Day to you!



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