Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Cleaning Basket

Happy spring, everyone!  I'm so glad that it's officially here...finally!!  This will be a short post, but I just wanted to share that I received my America's Housekeeping Book in the mail today, and instead of doing my housework, spent much of the day leafing through my new treasure. Thanks, again, to Viv for suggesting it.  (I will be posting more about it in the next few days as I have so much to say about it already!)

My new housekeeping "bible"

One thing I accomplished today from the book was to put together a cleaning basket to hold all the necessary supplies when cleaning room-to-room.  I have to say I'm now amazed that this idea had never occurred to me before, but then again, that is why I wanted a book on the subject...I actually didn't have a plastic utility basket, which is what I had initially pictured in my mind. So after hunting around the house in search of something more attractive than a cardboard box (at least to use temporarily), I found a cute lil' basket that once held a Valentine's Day arrangement from my husband. (How a basket of Valentine's flowers evolved over 6 years into a basket of cleaning supplies, I'm not sure...) I don't know that I will be able to use it permanently, because it won't hold anything else other than what I already have in it, but I'm happy with it and at least it'll make housework a little more attractive...haha!

Here's my newly assembled cleaning basket which I will now be using to accomplish many of my cleaning chores:

I've already thought about tying a ribbon or something onto it. It just looks so plain...I'm  thinking a splash of pink would do wonders for my cleaning spirits! 
Right now, my basket includes: paper towels, long-cuff rubber gloves, Bar Keeper's Friend (a magical, abrasive cleaner), glass cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, an ostrich feather duster, a Swiffer duster, furniture polish, a cotton rag and a large sponge.  Can I also just say that I was actually excited to clean the bathroom this afternoon--yes, you read that correctly--just so I could use my cute lil' basket and try out my new Mr.Clean Febreez "Hawaiian Aloha" all-purpose cleaner (which I love, by the way).

So, until tomorrow! (And, hopefully, then I will have my new, weekly schedule re-mapped.)

Happy Homemaking!


  1. Isn't it funny how a little something like that can make all the difference - both in making the job easier and in prettifying the job and making it more fun!!

    I cleaned the house today in 50s housewife mode - it took much longer than usual, but I really felt accomplished at the end, and had the results to show for it - change of attitude (from rushing through as fast as possible, resentful of each extra minute to taking real pleasure and pride and seeing it as my work) made such a difference.

    Looking forward to hearing more about that book, it sounds really interesting.

  2. Ooo!! Maybe if I make a pretty basket I will want to clean more!! That's brilliant!!

  3. What a lovely idea! There's no reason why the practical can't be pretty :)

    Mary Ellen
    The Working Home Keeper



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