Friday, March 4, 2011

First Day of Housework Schedule

So, I have decided to officially begin my housekeeping schedule.  Achieving the Leave It To Beaver house is now my official goal.  (Perhaps if I publicly announce it, it will motivate me to actually implement it.)  This may somewhat difficult because my husband and I are still in the process of remodeling, so there is constantly something messed up or out of place...but aside from that, I am determined to be as June Cleaver-like as possible.This is what my Friday schedule looks like as of now:

Everyday Chores:
·    Do dishes
·    Sweep
·    Vacuum rugs
·    Make bed
·   Mop
·   Clean Bathroom
·    Wash clothes
·    Straighten closets
·    Polish appliances

As you see, normally on Fridays, I have scheduled to clean the bathroom and wash clothes, but as I just cleaned the bathroom yesterday, and only had one load of laundry to wash so my "work" day was cut a little shorter than usual.

I did do everything else though, with the exception of straightening the closets, (which I somehow completely managed to neglect).  So, I guess Monday will start my first full week of implementing my new schedule. I am eager to start, and see how it goes, but am still in search of my vintage housekeeping guide.  So far, no luck... I suppose for now I'll just stick with what I've got and go from there!


  1. This isn't precisely vintage, but FlyLady ( is my go-to guide for housekeeping. Truth be told, the only way to really keep a house spotless is to establish a routine and stay with it. This is how our grandmothers kept house--they just plugged away at it every single day, bit by bit (especially if it was messy to begin with) until it becomes simply a matter of maintaining a pristine home as opposed to taxing oneself by cleaning the house top-to-bottom every single day. Sometimes we have to be reminded that not every midcentury woman was as perfect as June Cleaver or Harriet Nelson, but their homes often looked as if they were.

  2. You couldn't have said it any better! I'm still working on my "schedule," and I decided to try one for the exact reasons you mentioned. I'll have to check out that website. Thanks!



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