Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Housekeeping Epic Failure

Well, it seems about a month ago, I experienced a terrible migraine which lasted about 3 days, and ever since then I have been thrown completely off my schedule for everything.  It's so frustrating!  It also didn't help that I went to Cincinnati with my husband two weeks ago, which also got me out-of-whack. I had a blast, but when I got back home, it's like random things just kept popping up with the intention of keeping me from returning to my  more orderly means of housewifery.

Not only has it gotten me behind in blogging, which has been disappointing, but with my housekeeping as well. Also, my husband and I have recently started a home inspection business, so I've been consumed with working on that and putting together brochures and info to send to potential customers. It seems that once I get behind and have to play catch-up, it's soo hard to get back on track! (I always found excercising to be the same way: you can do it for 40 days straight, then you miss a day, and before you know it, you're only doing it when you have a notion.) And I was doing soo good!

Instead of adhering to my house cleaning schedule, I have slipped back into my old routine of just doing things as I notice them needing to be done, rather than being proactive. (Key word there--proactive--which I am continuously and desperately trying to be more of.) Tomorrow, I plan on getting the old schedule back out, and starting to get back into my routine because I was really pleased with how well it was working. 

Sometimes I think I'm not exactly the best housekeeper because I'm a procrastinator by nature.  In college, for example, I would be the person who would put off doing a paper until a couple nights before it was due.  I just always felt like I worked better under pressure, because I knew I HAD to get it done.  I no longer had time to let my mind wander or get distracted by other things. When I went to Honduras after my freshman year of college, I put-off packing for my trip until the night before I flew out. (Which worked out in the end, but I do not recommend it by any means.)  I have noticed that I like to be very busy just before an event (such as submitting a major paper or going on a serious trip) and I think it's because if I'm busy, I don't have time to think, worry, or be overly-excited about all the stuff that could happen.  How that's influenced my housekeeping, I'm not sure.  I do know I hate that when unexpected company pulls in the driveway, I feel like I have to look around and see what I need to stash away in a mad dash. That's why I've been trying to make an effort through my housekeeping schedule to be a more proactive housekeeper.

Am I the only one who does the "mad-dash stash," or are you all also familiar with that little number?


  1. Sigh, Such a familiar story. It's hard to keep to a schedule for housekeeping when life has so many distractions. Hope you had fun in Cincy - we were just there and LOVE it.

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