Saturday, November 5, 2011

Feminism and Anti-Feminism

This might seem a little "off the wall," but I saw a random Facebook post the other day about feminand how the only thing holding feminist progress back were those females who allow themselves to be "subservient." Normally, I keep most of my important opinions to myself (you know--those regarding politics, religion, the after-life and literary theory), but this has just been eating at me because it's something I feel close to.

What I mean by this is that I suppose I have always considered myselft to be a "feminist;" in other words, I feel like I can do anything anyone else can do, regardless of sex. It seems, however, that feminist thought is concerned with comparing the famle to the male, so perhaps I should rephrase this to "I feel like I can do anything that any man can do."  I have to say, while I am all for equal rights, equal pay, and equal respect, I find it ironic that many so-called feminists don't want women to be feminine. In other words, there those females who actually scorn those of us who like to wear makeup, high heels and strive to "look pretty." 

I don't believe that it is a woman's role to be a kitchen slave, or to have to "take it" from any man--including her husband--but, I don't think it's right for "feminists" to cast their judgmental glances down upon those of us women who choose to take more traditional female roles in everyday life than some of our contemporaries.  In other words, I enjoy being a housewife; I do NOT feel that this is demeaning, belittling or subsurviant in any way to the role my husband plays in our household. My role is equally valuable--just different. I am perfectly capable of getting another job. In fact, I have a Master's degree in Teaching World Languages, and actually worked as a high school Spanish teacher for 3 years before I decided that such a career was not for me. I choose to be a housewife because it's what I want to be. I feel that many of our current "feminists" find this choice of career demeaning and hostile to their cause. After all, it appears that current feminist doctrine requires practice of that which is not feminine, or rather, that which is male. It seems that many of our feminists have focused so much on their male counterparts, and becoming like them, that they have lost sight of that which is feminine and thus, the original purpose of their fight--having the right to choose. 

In other words, I am feminist because I feel that I should have every right and freedom and advantage of life that any man has, but...I have to ask my "co-feminists" to acknowledge that this requires even their acceptance of my choice to be "traditionally" feminine.  If I want to be June Cleaver, I should have the right to be, and have it un-judgedly.  After all, if even the "feminists" try to dictate the actions and beliefs of us females, how are they any better than what they themselves are trying to conquer?

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  1. Right on! I agree with everything you said! I love being a housewife to my husband, who is my equal and my best friend. We must do what we love in life! There is so much value to homemaking!



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